Thursday, April 23, 2009

Couran Cove

My family and I recently holidayed on the beautiful Couran Cove Island resort off the famous Queensland's Gold Coast. This place was amazing, we were in absolute awe at the rich beauty and serenity of this place. We only stayed for three days, not long enough but managed to take in a great deal of what was on offer there.

We explored the Island by bicycle, even my six and seven year old daughters managed to ride with us across the 1.5k width of the Island. The tracks and scenary were amazing, we saw Walabies, birdlife and all manor of flora and fauna under a canopy of rich lush forest. When we arrived at the other side of the Island we were astounded to see beautiful sand dunes and a perfect white beach with large surf. The beach was even patrolled by life guards who do a great job protecting beach gowers here in Australia each and every day.
We also spent a great deal of time by the pool side relaxing with the kids, taking in the sun. The girls had a fantastic time and experienced a great deal of fun. The pools are actually located in the centre of a large lagoon which the resort itself surrounds. There are several pools of varying size and depth to cater for all ages. In the middle of which is a fantastic large restaurant which also does all the breakfasts for the guests. We spent a great deal of time here and had fabulous food and service. I could not speak highly enough for the staff here who look after you so well.

more to follow...